Case: Dialogue with citizens about public spaces in Gothenburg

City of Gothenburg started in 2012 working for better dialogue and knowledge about the city’s street art and gaffiti painters.

Street art has appeared in Gothenburg since the early eighties and hundreds of young people been involved, but from the citys point of view the knowledge been limited. In recent years due to zero tolerance and a less tolerant approach towards street art and graffiti the dialogue between the city and participants been limited. Both sides are restrictive in communication and trust.

Gothenburg City, Park- och Naturförvaltningen – Trygg, Vacker Stad (Gothenburg City department: Safe and Beautiful City) wanted to reach out with information about there view on graffiti and street art in public spaces. Create a constructive dialogue in order to gain a foothold and dialogue with street art practitioners. After gaining no trust from the other side they engaged Documents Press to act as negotiators. Dokument Press made in-depth interviews with twenty graffiti artists. Ages 17 to 40 years old.

The project’s aim was to enable for future investments in youth culture in the City of Gothenburg. To avoid that youth becomes stigmatized or excluded from society and to create a constructive dialogue.

The results of the project were summarized in insights and quotes taken from interviews. We created four concepts for improvement in dialogue to implement. The project was presented to all parties and the information would be part of a guidance document for the city’s relationship to graffiti and street art.

Wish to know more or read the final document regarding Graffiti in Gothenburg, please contact:

Articles in Swedish about the Graffiti in Gothenburg project.

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