What we offer!

Dokument Press offers everything from lectures, city tours and workshops to organization of exhibitions, events, debates and visual communication.

The first thing you learn as a graffiti artist is to organize. Or: a successful graffiti artists is characterized by the degree of organization of his work. When we got our first inquiries on supplying a customer with a service, it was a natural extension of graffiti. Since then we have produced exhibitions, served on program committees for arts conventions, developed the basic details of exhibitions and manuscripts. We have produced all exhibitions, featured art projects in print and on screen and participated in arts events.

We have also helped cultural producers with risk analysis and media management, and not least functioned as both researcher and investigator for municipalities that require knowledge of youth culture.
Over time, the projects have grown and we are thrilled to see the projects and challenges the future holds.
One thing is certain. The importance of subcultures will continue to make their mark in society. With it, we will also continue to challenge and be challenged by contemporary culture.

In a society where innovation, creativity and style are becoming increasingly important in the creation of identity, the knowledge of street culture is an important factor in understanding what makes a city or neighborhood exciting and attractive.
Street Culture is one of the most important phenomena for those who want to understand what makes some cities so attractive. How subcultures feel says a lot about a city’s tolerance and citizens engagement in society. Therefore, urbanity and street culture is the backbone for all work Dokument Press is performing.
When we give lectures, city walks or leads workshops our goal is always to provide participants new insights. In some cases, as our lecture on tolerance, it is about abstract reasoning. In other cases, as our tag workshop, it’s literally about learning to both write and read. In all our lectures and workshops it is deeper reasoning where the topic are linked with larger movements and structures in society and in time. We provide inside perspective, understanding and curiosity, which facilitates tolerance, democratic society most important foundation stone.

Just like many previous youth cultures have become important influences in society in the past, there is still today a lot to learn from the street. Here, we serve as a mediator of knowledge, creativity and values. Curiosity, creativity and teamwork skills are in all of us. Many of our workshops and lectures serves for the participant to work with and develop these qualities.
We are frequently hired as a lecturer and workshop leaders from a broad customer base. Schools – from elementary school to college and university – special education, adult education, social movement, creative companies in advertising, public relations, marketing and communications as well as event companies are among our core customers.
Whether the purpose is a nice time with colleagues in a graffiti workshop, or an academic lecture on the city apart, we have many exciting topics to offer. Banksy, graffiti and tags, street art, hip hop street music and dance, citizen participation and tolerance, art movements such as Fluxus and situationism, subcultures and creativity are some of our specialist subjects.

Although street culture continues to affect us and our world there is still a lack of knowledge. Our focus is to impart the knowledge of urban cultures and not the least place them in a larger societal context. When Swedish cities glances at Berlin or New York to attract tourism Dokument Press makes the contrary – we explore the city’s own subcultures and presents them as each city’s unique and proprietary allure and attraction.
No one can predict the future or what the next big cultural expression will be. But, you can give culture the right conditions to grow by itself. Street Culture is like morels. It can not be grown but there are the right conditions it can grow in their own potential.

Want to know more about what we can offer you and your business or organization, contact us directly:

Tobias Barenthin Lindblad
Tel : +46-(0) 736 353 888
E-mail: tobias@dokument.org

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What we offer!

Dokument Press offers everything from lectures, city tours and workshops to organization of exhibitions, events, debates and visual communication. The

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